The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere

Chapter 101 - 101 Even the Audience is Confused

101 Even the Audience is Confused

The team set off again.

Song Siwen was in a dilemma and had no choice but to set off. Wang Shuang was holding back his anger and wanted to vent it.

Along the way, they didn’t feel too much pressure or overly nervous. This was because they had been walking for a long time, but there wasn’t even a single beast.

As they walked, they saw a mountain blocking their way. Now, there was a notice board in front of them, blocking their way in.

“Look, there’s a noticeboard in front!”

The rest of the people quickly went forward to check. It was indeed a notice board.

Someone read out the contents of the noticeboard!

The void!

There were some words below the void returning realm.

[Proceed to enter the void, danger returns!]

At this moment, they were all dazed. It seemed like the place they were at was not the void.

Song Siwen picked up his watch and said to the people in the live broadcast room, “Ladies and gentlemen, as long as we cross this mountain, we’ll be able to reach the void. How about we cross this mountain?”

The audience in the live broadcast room urged him to enter quickly.

“Hurry up. If you go in now, I’ll send you a gift.”

brothers, hurry up and send more gifts. It’s not easy for the streamer to explore.

“I think this noticeboard is to fool people. Streamer, hurry up, and go in. Reveal their secret.”

The audience was commenting while sending gifts…

In a short while, Song Siwen received a lot of rewards. He was thrilled. He adjusted his breathing and continued to walk forward.

The rest of the people saw that he was leading the way. They were no longer stunned and followed him.

Wang Shuang was very anxious, but he quickly followed when he thought of Lu Li behind him.

Just wait and see. There will be a time when you wish you were dead.

It was a long journey, but everyone was awakened, so at least they didn’t feel tired.

Lu Li snorted coldly in his heart as he looked at them. He led his men and walked slowly behind them.

They continued to move forward for a few minutes, and their vision suddenly brightened.

The first thing that came into view was a very long river, and then there were many groups of beasts by the river. They either lived in peace, or were chased and captured.

At first glance, the riverside was actually a boundless prairie, and there were countless ferocious beasts.

Many ferocious beasts in groups on the grassland seemed to notice them and started to cry out.




Their roars shook the heavens and the earth, instantly stunning them and the livestream viewers.

There were a lot of complaints, and the voices were deafening.

There were countless ferocious beasts. In any case, there were ferocious beasts everywhere he could see. Some of the ferocious beasts were actually dozens of meters long, and some of them even had flashes of light on their heads. It looked very powerful.

These ferocious beasts were still fighting each other. As long as they fought, the world would spin.

The battles between the beasts were especially tragic, with over 10000 dying in a single battle.

All he could see were the bones of ferocious beasts, and swarms of flies like locusts. The scene was truly terrifying.

“Guys, look! This is the void! There were so many demonic beasts right after we entered! This is too shocking!”

“Who said the void isn’t dangerous at all? Why aren’t you saying anything now?”

“Hehehe, didn’t we say so? How could the sinkhole be free of danger?”

The atmosphere on the internet had started to change. Netizens just liked surfing.

Some people started to stop talking, some started to side with the other side, and others continued to flame others.

Now, Song Siwen looked embarrassed.

The people around glared at him angrily as though they wanted to eat him.

“Everyone, the beasts you see have already seen us, but they didn’t attack us. What does this mean? This means that it doesn’t have any attack power!” He explained loudly.

I’m going to correct my previous mistake. Although void returning is dangerous, it’s not especially dangerous. It’s just a little bit challenging. Look at those herbivores. They’re so gentle!

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What he said had some effect. Some people who had started to run to the other side also started to support him.

Lu Li was amused, but he quickly turned his head away. He could not let them see him smile. These people were so stupid.

When Song Siwen saw that he still had support, he instantly raised his head.

The audience started to guide him and gave him a lot of tips.

“Hurry up and go to the river to let them take a look. These beasts are not dangerous at all. They are very gentle.”

“That’s right. Don’t be afraid. We’ll help you on the spiritual level.”

“Host, host, I’ve given you a tip. Hurry up and go up. We all think you’re right.”

These bootlicking attacks made Song Siwen want to go forward.

He raised his head and walked towards the river with a smile.


When they were still a thousand meters away from the river, the docile beasts, which had been peaceful a moment ago, suddenly went beserk. They immediately began to roar and stare at him with bloodshot eyes.

“What the f*ck?”

This gaze was terrifying. He was so scared that he peed his pants. He was just an ordinary employee. When had he ever seen such a terrifying phenomenon? At that moment, he felt like the king of hell was hugging him.

His legs went soft, and he sat on the ground, not daring to move.

The audience continued to cheer and encourage him. He continued to walk forward.

He composed himself and took a deep breath. He had felt humiliated just now, so he continued to move forward.

In an instant, the ground suddenly trembled.

He looked up and was almost scared to death.

“Mother! Why is there a sudden riot?”

“Hurry up and leave! Host, if you don’t leave now, none will be left!”

“Sigh, the host’s legs are too short. It’s over. He’s going to die here!”


Though netizens in the live broadcast room were really the best audience, they still hoped the host would run away and save himself.

However, a beast with an abnormally long neck suddenly extended it and swallowed Song Siwen.

Jaws fell, and eyeballs almost popped from their sockets.

A number even felt their hands and feet go numb. After they reacted, they scooted as quickly as their legs would carry them.

Wang Shuang and the others were so frightened that they trembled and scrambled for their lives.

Lu Li took the initiative to give way and went back in a hurry.

Without Lu Li’s initiative, they could not defeat these ferocious beasts. They could only see the figures of ferocious beasts.

There were only a few hundred of them, so they definitely couldn’t beat them, and they couldn’t run either. Most of them had become food for the beasts.

When they ran out, only one person from the side that said the void was safe was alive, was safe, but nearly 20% of those who saw the void as dangerous had died.

Wang Shuang was so tired that he was gasping for breath. As he looked at the road, his hair stood on its end.

It was too terrifying. If it weren’t for general Lu’s help, he would have died in there.

At this time, the internet was dead silent.

They had all seen the contents of the message.

The beast’s rampage was only small, but when it charged over, it made the world spin.

“It’s too terrifying. These people are really stupid. Why would they go there for no reason?”

“And that streamer, his parents must have gotten a fortune-teller to read his fortune before he was born. That’s how all names are given. I wonder who was so accurate?”

“They lack intelligence and have lost the basic ability to judge. I stay in the company every day and don’t go hunting, so I can see these things.”

“He doesn’t have any sense of danger and always complains about this and that. He’s envious of the adventurers for making so much money but doesn’t dare to.”

“Looks like it’s all good now. It’s over!”

“It’s good that it’s over. the cries have stopped!”


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