Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 690 - 690 Overturn

690 Overturn

The people who had stopped earlier did not catch up to them.

Su Xiaolu looked back. The ten people who were left behind did not speak and closed their eyes to rest.

Two hours later, a deafening rumble came from the depths of the foreign land.

Su Xiaolu and the others felt the air tremble. Su Xiaolu felt as if she could not hear anything at all. It was very uncomfortable.


Right on the heels of that, the ground shook.

Su Xiaolu and the others staggered and barely stabilized themselves.

However, what was even more terrifying was yet to come.

The ground cracked open with many cracks. Some were shallow, but some were very deep.

These cracks were not fixed. Some grew larger and larger before they were quickly filled again.


Zhou Zhi gave the order calmly. They could already feel such a huge commotion. It was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying environment those people who had been left behind would face.

Everyone’s footsteps were unsteady, but they tried their best to continue retreating.

In a moment of desperation, Su Xiaolu pulled Old Wu and carried him on his back. Gui You protected them by her side.

At this moment, Su Xiaolu could no longer care about anyone else. All she could do was to run forward and further.

There were many beasts fleeing for their lives around them. At this moment, no matter if they were ferocious or harmless, no one cared about each other.

In the end, humans were not as stable as beasts. Those beasts quickly disappeared.

Chu Jin avoided a big crack with difficulty. He patted his chest and panted with lingering fears. “Damn it, I was so scared. I almost thought I was going to die.”

Hu Changshou’s voice sounded weakly from behind him. “Young Master Chu, put me down. This way, you can run faster.”

Hu Changshou watched as many trees fell. He knew that it was too dangerous at this time. Chu Jin carrying him was a burden.

Without waiting for Chu Jin to speak, Hu Changshou said, “Young Master Chu, I’m already lucky enough to live until today. Ever since I entered the mountain, I’ve gained every day I live.”

There were many dangers in the foreign land. He entered alone and was lucky to survive every day.

Hu Changshou was very calm. His only regret was that he could not comprehend what Su Xiaolu had said. He felt a little guilty.

Apart from that, there was nothing else, but he was more convinced that this was his fate.

He was not indignant. He had already obtained a lot. Now was the time for him to accept fate calmly.

Chu Jin chuckled and said generously, “It was so dangerous just now. Perhaps I only escaped because I was carrying you. I won’t let you go. You said it yourself. You’ve earned it since you entered the mountain. How do you know that you won’t win until the end?”

“Hu Changshou, don’t underestimate the favoritism of the heavens. Even if it’s just a little, if you have the time, why don’t you help me look out for the road ahead? Let’s help each other and get out alive.”

Chu Jin would not let Hu Changshou down. Just as Hu Changshou had said, he had been lucky since he entered the mountain.

He came in alone and had a bit of an accident. It could be said that he was unscathed. How could ordinary people have such luck?

There were some things that the onlooker saw more clearly than the person himself.

The ancients always said that they had to help when they met a benefactor. He actually didn’t think so. Meeting a benefactor was actually mutual help.

Chu Jin did not put Hu Changshou down. He joked for a while before continuing to look at the road.

Hu Changshou did not say anything else. He was on Chu Jin’s back and did not have to worry about his feet, so he had more energy to observe his surroundings.

Chu Jin did not give up on him, and he should not give up on himself.

He would lock onto a safer place and remind Chu Jin to get closer.

After running for four hours, the commotion finally disappeared.

Nothing bad happened to anyone, but injuries were inevitable.

Everyone’s faces were very pale. They took out the divine medicine and ate it.

Su Xiaolu ate divine medicine and searched for Zhou Zhi. She was relieved to see that he was fine. She found Chu Jin and was grateful to see that he was still with Hu Changshou.

After a pause, they continued on their way out.

There were still a few earthquakes, but they were smaller than before. The further out they went, the safer they were. Su Xiaolu was relieved.

When it would only take half a day to leave the foreign land, it only trembled a few times, Zhou Zhi ordered them to rest on the spot.

Everyone sat down to rest. At this moment, there was almost no suppression.

The beasts they encountered no longer fled in panic. After starting some fire and roasting them, everyone could have a good meal and rest.

Their nerves, which had been tense for days, finally relaxed.

Gui You handed the roasted rabbit leg to Su Xiaolu. “Girl, eat more.”

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The rabbits of the ancient times were a little different. They were bigger and the meat was firm and tender. Of course, their jumping and kicking abilities were also stronger. They were so strong that they could break a tree as thick as a wrist.

If an ordinary person was kicked, a few bones would be broken.

At this moment, even if it was a rabbit roasted by Gui You, whose culinary skills were not good, Su Xiaolu ate it with relish. She even felt that it smelled good where it was burnt.

Caramel fragrance.

After eating and drinking their fill, Old Wu and Gui You fell asleep.

Su Xiaolu was also sleepy, but she still went to see Zhou Zhi first to take his pulse.

Zhou Zhi smiled gently and said in a low voice, “Xiaolu, I’m fine. Go to sleep.”

Zhou Zhi’s pulse was a little weak. After all, he disabled. When he was suppressed and his wood attribute ability was difficult to use, he would be more tired than everyone else.

Su Xiaolu smelled a faint smell of blood. She asked with concern, “Is Fourth Brother injured? I smell blood.”


Zhou Zhi shook his head. “I didn’t. It should be the smell of them being injured.”

Su Xiaolu could not tell where Zhou Zhi was injured. She stood up and said, “Then Fourth Brother, rest well. I’ll go see my cousin.”

Hu Changshou was also someone she cared about.

Zhou Zhi nodded and smiled at Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu turned around and walked to Chu Jin’s side. Chu Jin was already asleep.

Hu Changshou was sleeping beside him. Now that it was safe, Chu Jin untied Hu Changshou and placed him beside him.

“Xiaolu, don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

Hu Changshou saw Su Xiaolu and smiled at her.

The escape was dangerous, but Chu Jin was agile and they cooperated well. He focused on choosing the route and Chu Jin was also at ease with all the routes he chose. The two of them did their own jobs well, so he survived again.

Su Xiaolu took Hu Changshou’s pulse. She smiled and said, “Your pulse is stable. I’m relieved.”

“We won’t be moving for the time being. Rest well.”


Su Xiaolu retracted her hand and smiled at Hu Changshou.

Hu Changshou nodded. “You too.”

Su Xiaolu got up and returned to her two Masters to sit down and rest against the tree.

Everyone was resting. Hu Changshou sighed lightly. He thought of Bai Xu. There was an earthquake in the foreign land. He wondered how Miss Bai Xu was and if she had escaped safely.

He did not have any romantic feelings for Bai Xu. He felt that he was very similar to Bai Xu. They were both people who did not understand what they were living for.


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