When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First

Chapter 101 - 101 Yang Bo’s Unintentional Mistake Sent Sister-in-law To The Hot Search!

101 Yang Bo’s Unintentional Mistake Sent Sister-in-law To The Hot Search!

The sparks that Yang Bo had unintentionally dropped quickly burned through the entire forum. After checking the internal affairs, it was time to gather. It was inconvenient to bring his phone during military training, so he simply stayed in the dormitory.

When he returned at dinner time and saw a notification of 99+ reply on the forum, Yang Bo’s eyes almost popped out.

He had a bad feeling and opened the forum shakily.

The forum designated his post with this eye-catching red mark behind his butt. This was a special treatment that would only happen when the discussion reached a certain number.

He clicked on it and saw that Ai Tingya was holding the blanket in her hand and handing it to Luo Feng. From the side, she looked like a painting and was exceptionally gentle. Her loving eyes seemed to be filled with water, making one’s heart melt.

Both of them were perfect-looking. Any part of Yang Bo’s photos were artistic.

“Previous poster, I understand you. I’m so jealous just looking at the photos.”

“You didn’t exchange the blanket for a love token, right? Why are you smiling so gently?”

“Previous poster, you don’t understand. Life’s daily necessities are the most virtuous. One look and you can tell that she’s a good girl who runs a family.”

“I wish I could meet my destined girl and get married online. Anyone who’s interested can private message me.”

“The poster is a good person. May I ask which faculty this junior is from?”

Ai Tingya became famous at a speed visible to the naked eye with just a screenshot of the video.

Yang Bo did not know how to explain it to Luo Feng. He thought that it was just a photo and the popularity would pass quickly. He deceived himself and covered his phone, deciding to settle dinner first.

When he returned, the number of comments and replies had already exceeded 700. There were also private messages asking about Ai Tingya. The decline in popularity that Yang Bo had hoped for did not happen. In fact, other than his “casual post”, the other posts below were also discussing Ai Tingya.

Yang Bo immediately panicked. After all, he had posted the photo online without Luo Feng and Ai Tingya’s permission.

He swallowed and walked towards Luo Feng. “Luo Feng… There’s something… I don’t know how to tell you…”

Luo Feng put down the book in his hand and found it strange that he was hesitating.

He had lived with his three roommates for more than a week. Yang Bo was loyal and generous. Other than being a little arrogant, he did not discover any other problems. He suddenly stammered, surprising Luo Feng.

“What is it? Just tell me.”

Yang Bo said guiltily, “Your girlfriend is probably popular now.”

“What?” Luo Feng did not understand. Where did she become popular?

Yang Bo turned on his phone and handed it over. Only then did Luo Feng realize that Yang Bo was not exaggerating at all.

Seeing that the poster was pretending to be dead, the nosy netizens volunteered to dig up information about Ai Tingya’s identity. After all, Ai Tingya was really good-looking. The number of heads turning when she walked on campus was 100%.

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Soon, some finance students posted the information.

“The girl is a freshman in our faculty. Her name is Ai Tingya. She already has a boyfriend. Everyone, disperse.”

This sentence did not end the popularity of the post. Instead, it pushed the matter to a new climax.

The students came up with a new theory— Does the flower belong to the owner of the vase if it’s taken away? No! You can take the vase with you!

There were many fans below. After stripping Ai Tingya, they began to strip Luo Feng.

The result was the same. Luo Feng’s information was turned upside down. Even the color of the blanket was explained in detail.

Yang Bo stood at the side with his head lowered, like a child who had done something wrong and was waiting to be punished by his parents.

“I’m sorry, Luo Feng. I shouldn’t have posted Tingya’s… Ah no, Sister-in-law’s photo online. I didn’t expect it to become popular so easily!” Yang Bo apologized.

When Luo Feng heard this slightly familiar line, he felt that Yang Bo should be very talented as a self-media or Internet promoter in the future. Unfortunately, there were still a few years before the Internet rose.

He had no special thoughts on this matter, or he had expected it.

Be it in her previous life or this life, the light that Ai Tingya shone with could not be ignored. Even if the public did not notice her today, she would still become the focus of the entire school in the future because of something.

The only thing that surprised Luo Feng was why he was implicated while Ai Tingya was popular.

He generously felt that it was a happy thing for others to praise his beautiful girlfriend. Everyone loved beauty after all. But what did it mean that they were irreconcilable with him?

Luo Feng continued to scroll down. Most of the posts were flattering and happy.

There were always a few discordant voices in the harmonious atmosphere. Luo Feng clearly saw a post called “Ai Tingya is everyone’s Ai Tingya. Luo Feng is immoral!” From the bottom, sparks flew all the way to the top few.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it! Such a beautiful girl is in a relationship at such a young age. Quickly tell me that the man is just a normal classmate!”

“I regret graduating too early. Can you help me contact the repeaters?”

“Senior, it’s useless even if you’re here. She has a boyfriend and he’s indeed not bad-looking. He’s worthy of the goddess.”

“Previous poster, shut up!!! The goddess is everyone’s goddess. Those who monopolize the goddess have to be punished!”

“As long as I don’t see it, the goddess doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

Luo Feng’s smile gradually disappeared seeing these half-truths. If he was praising someone, so be it. Why was he always thinking of poaching someone? Moreover, he didn’t even have a name anymore and directly became “that man”?

What the hell was this vase theory?

“Everyone, don’t be discouraged. There are still divorces after marriage. It’s just a relationship!”

“Okay, I’ll start the topic immediately. My name will be ‘Has Goddess Ai broken up today?’ I’ll clock in every day.”

“Uh… Don’t lead the juniors astray. Can’t we discuss it quietly? How can you be seniors’ role models like this?”

“To be fair, Junior is indeed beautiful and has good taste. Do the two of them consider the possibility of three people working together? I’m good at cooking and washing clothes! I can feed them until they get fat.”

The more he read, the stranger the scene became. Luo Feng could not figure it out.

Yang Bo looked at him with sympathy and patted Luo Feng’s shoulder. “Brother, I’ll definitely think of a way to compensate you and Sister-in-law, but listen to my advice. Keep a low profile when you go out.”

Luo Feng looked at him and thought to himself that he was about to become the public enemy of all the boys in the school. What was the use of keeping a low profile?

Yang Bo told him responsibly, “I know I’m half responsible for everything. Don’t worry, I guarantee your personal safety! I even specially established an intelligence team for you! With a countermeasure, they definitely won’t discover me!”

The more Luo Feng listened, the more confused he became. What kind of nonsense was this? He remembered that Yang Bo had only stood beside him for a few minutes. Where did this intelligence team come from?



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