With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods

Chapter 361 Tournament (6)

Even if the ending had been slightly anti-climatic, it didn't put a damper on the mood of the crowd.

As they walked off, there was a cheer that erupted through the crowd that was much stronger than any cheers that had been given in the previous rounds.

For the two young masters walking off, although they had stern looks on their faces, they were also feeling slight feelings of satisfaction.

To them, it was as if they had made up a bit for what had happened yesterday.

But of course, it was impossible for them to forget what had happened, so they were still having their men try to find the identity of that girl.

After this round was finished, everyone headed off for another night of drinking…that is except for the tournament organizers who had to rebuild the arena.

They had thought that they had made it strong enough to endure the power of these young people, but it seemed that they had underestimated how strong they were. After all, just the first clash between these two had already done this much damage to the arena, so it was hard to imagine what all those other clashes tomorrow would look like.

It was a long and restless night for the organizers in getting this ready.

When the next morning came, the arena had been completely transformed.

Even the normal people who came to watch could tell that this arena was different. Even if it looked the same, they could feel some kind of power coming from the material that had been used to build the arena.

They could tell that there was something special that had been used to create this new arena.

Once everyone had gathered, they held a ceremony in front of everyone to choose who would be fighting who.

In this main tournament, it was a simple elimination tournament since they had an even number of contestants. Every single contestant would draw a number and would be put into a spot and numbers that matched would indicate who would fight who.

It was clear that the organizers of the tournament were trying to milk this tournament as much as they could with the large ceremony that they put on. It was very unlikely that they would even be able to finish all of the matches today.

Or at least that was what it seemed like, but that wasn't the case in the end.

That was because most of the seeded contestants had been matched up with the normal contestants. There was only one match where normal contestants faced each other and two matches between seeded contestants.

With how perfectly it turned out, there were many people that became suspicious of this result.

It was just too bad that no one was able to prove that the organizers had cheated and in fact, the organizers hadn't cheated.

This was all just luck.

With how open the drawing ceremony was, it was impossible for them to play any tricks in the first place.

So the only thing that the normal contestants could blame on was their bad luck.

As for the fight between the seeded contestants, everyone was surprised by the fact that one of them was between Young Master Tai and Young Master He.

It seemed like they really were fated to fight each other as they drew their numbers one after another and they were matched together.

The other fight between seeded contestants was…Young Master Mo and that girl who had caused the commotion during the preliminary test. According to her registration, her name was Bi Qing.

This was a name that not many people were familiar with and her sect was one of those hidden sects, so most people didn't know much about her.

As expected, the fights between the seeded contestants and the normal contestants ended with victory for the seeded contestants.

The fight between the two normal contestants was a hard fought battle, but compared to the fight between Young Master Tai and Young Master He yesterday, it was very lacking. Many people even treated it as a warm up to the two fights that were about to come.

The two of them couldn't help feeling bitter about this, but there was nothing that they could do.

It was a fact that they couldn't compare to the seeded contestants in the first place.

Once this was all over, it was time for the fight between Young Master Mo and the mysterious girl named Bi Qing.

The fight between Young Master Tai and Young Master He had been saved for last as a closer by the organizers, but Young Master Tai and Young Master He didn't mind since this was a good way for them to show off.

Young Master Mo on the other hand…he had a serious look on his face as he walked onto the stage.

When Bi Qing came onto the stage, she had a very calm and bored look on her face, as if she didn't put Young Master Mo in her eyes at all.

When Young Master Mo saw this, he couldn't stop the flames of rage from burning in his eyes. However, he kept his anger suppressed and didn't let it explode until the right moment.

The one strange thing that Bi Qing did as she walked onto the stage was look around the crowd in the arena. With the way that she was looking around, it was almost as if she was looking for something specific, or she was looking for someone.

Her eyes finally did stop when they fell onto two cloaked figures that were sitting in an obscure position.

When Lin Fan felt those eyes falling onto him, he couldn't help being surprised. He tried to keep his calm, but seeing how those eyes looked right at him, he knew that she was looking right at him.

But that wasn't right!

He had already learned his lesson from the first time, so he had been deploying the illusion spell yesterday and today.

He had thought that it had worked yesterday when she didn't look at him, but now…she was staring right at him!

It was clear that she was able to see through his illusion spell!

As she was staring at him, her mouth suddenly started to move and she mouthed, "Enjoy the show."

Lin Fan couldn't help knitting his brows when he saw this.

He didn't know why this girl was so obsessed with him, but it seemed like she wanted to involve him in something…

Once the two of them were on the stage, Young Master Mo took the initiative to speak by saying, "Surrender now. I'm not someone who finds pleasure in torturing a woman, I am someone with chivalry."

As he said this, there were many women in the crowd who couldn't help knitting their brows.

Though he had tried to come off as chivalrous, the way that he said it and the tone in his voice…made it seem like he was looking down on women.

Perhaps it would have turned out differently if someone else said it, but this young master of the demonic side had a naturally arrogant tone to his voice that made it seem like he was looking down on people. So the way that he said it made it seem like he didn't respect women.

Bi Qing to his surprise suddenly revealed a smile and said, "What nonsense are you saying? You're the one who is about to get thrashed."

Young Master Mo's jaw couldn't help dropping since he never thought that this weak looking girl in front of him would be this aggressive. She made it clear that she didn't put him in her eyes and she even said that she would thrash him.

This lit the flames of rage inside this Young Master Mo.

So he said with a snort, "Don't blame me for not holding back. It's hard to control my power."

Bi Qing didn't react at all to this provocation from Young Master Mo. She just looked back at him with the same smile on her face as if she didn't care about what he said.

Young Master Mo couldn't help gritting his teeth when he saw this, but he took a deep breath to calm himself.

Even if she was physically stronger than him, Young Master Mo didn't believe that he would lose this fight. He had secret techniques after all that she wouldn't be able to expect or deal with.

So he bided his time and would take revenge when the time was right.

In this battle, his fists were blind, so if an accident were to happen…no one would be blamed.

In the end, he was someone from a demonic sect, so he wasn't as collected as he seemed on the surface. In fact, he was someone who liked carnage and destruction quite a bit.

It was his hidden personality that made him love to destroy.

So he was looking forward to this match and the "accident" that would follow.

Seeing that they were both ready, the referee wasted no time at all to start the match.

As soon as the match started, Young Master Mo gathered his spiritual energy around his hand. With his spiritual energy around his hands, it was as if there was a metallic sheen that had also appeared around them.

This was the Iron Demon Art which allowed him to transform his body into metal.

With these fists prepared, he didn't hold back at all as he charged forth and sent out a punch at Bi Qing.

Everyone who saw this couldn't help feeling sympathy for Bi Qing since they didn't believe that she would be able to take this blow.

But before Young Master Mo's fist could hit Bi Qing, he suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared again, he had been embedded into the wall behind him.

There was only silence that filled the arena after this.


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