You Might Die If I Cast My Healing Spell

Chapter 409 - 409 Big Brother Will Always Be Your Big Brother (II)

409 Big Brother Will Always Be Your Big Brother (II)

[Equipment: Book of Divine Thunder (Diamond), Cross’ Cape (Diamond), Wind Mage Set (Platinum), Fire Shoes (Diamond)…] ‘She has luxurious equipment, but it’s not as luxurious as yours. You don’t have to envy her.’

[Description: A cute girl with twin ponytails. She’s gentle and considerate. It doesn’t hurt to hit someone, but behind her, there’s a group of terrifying super big brothers. If you dare to provoke her, you’ll be done for…]



‘Her information looked ordinary.’

‘But the real highlight was still behind her.’

‘Those spirit creatures.’

He was simply invincible.

[Name: Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian (Magic Knight) (Dungeon Boss (Dual Panel)]

[Level: LV 17] ‘It seems that there are too many people that didn’t get any exp… He actually didn’t catch up to his master’s level 19.’

[Aptitude: 1-star Diamond] ‘Aptitude that makes ordinary people cry,’

[Special Characteristics: Blood of The Hunt (Killing the enemy will refresh all your skills, happy and ominous), Overlord Body (Immune to most crowd control skills, Twilight of the Gods Olaf)]

[Weapons and Equipment: Dragon Bone Hammer, Dragon Bone Shield, Gold Knight Equipment Set] ‘Special exclusive equipment that requires special materials to be upgraded, only Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian can be equipped.’

[Skills: Shield Bash, Heaven’s Strike, Triple Death Slash, Protection, Despair Strike, Horseshoe Kick, Thunderstorm, Fireball Burst, Lightning Enchantment] ‘There are all kinds of skills, this is the value of dual cultivation.’

[Description: A spirit soul creature from another world. It is extremely powerful. Fortunately, it will listen to your teammate Su Mumu’s orders 100% and will not cause you any danger.]

[Name: Evil Omen Demonic Spirit (Warrior)(Dungeon Boss (Dual Panel)]

[Level: LV 16] ‘Obviously, he can’t steal monsters from the Dragon Tree Guardian.’

[Aptitude: 1-star Diamond] ‘Again. Aptitude that would make ordinary people cry.’

[Characteristic: Golden Strength (Able to summon all kinds of energy weapons formed from Golden Strength. It is impossible to guard against sudden attacks)]

[Weapons and Equipment: Vine Sword, Evil Ghost Mask, Hunter’s Cape Set] ‘Special exclusive equipment that requires special materials to upgrade, can only be equipped by Omen.’

[Skills: Golden Warhammer, Golden Flying Dagger, Golden Long Sword, Landing Slash, Backward Jump, Charge, Second Horizontal Slash…] ‘A Sword Saint Class with high agility and high attack. You won’t be able to withstand the attacks of Critical Hit and Blazing Fire.’

[Description: A spirit soul from another world, as dangerous as the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian.]

[Name: Amputee Rick (Greater Luhn wielder)(Dungeon Boss)(Dual Panel)]

[Level: LV 15] ‘Uh…Why is his level so slow compared to the others?’

[Aptitude: 1-star Diamond] ‘All of them have despairing aptitudes…’

[Characteristic: Amputation (After killing an enemy, you can insert a body part into your body and obtain a portion of the enemy’s ability. When used on a summoned creature, it can cause the creature to die permanently. Creatures of the same type can only be amputated once.] ‘It’s a very frustrating skill.’

[Weapon and Equipment: Amputation Ax (Exclusive equipment with only one weapon…] ‘It seems so shabby.’

[Skill: Flaming Spear (An ability obtained from Knight Royes’s amputation. It’s powerful, but has a long cooldown and no follow-up power)]

[Description: A spirit soul from another world. It’s not dangerous, not dangerous at all. Even if you don’t fight him one-on-one, you still have a chance to easily kill him. However, this is only referring to the current him. It’s hard to say for sure about his future.]


‘What the hell is this Amputee Rick?’

‘Why is he so weak?’

Nolan suspected that her eyes were playing tricks on her, so she cast the Eye of Truth at the Amputee Rick again. The result was that the attribute panel that appeared was exactly the same as the one she had just seen. Even the disdainful introduction remained the same.

This amputated leg was real.

Among all the spirit souls… Not only did he look the ugliest, but he was also the weakest. To think that he even had the title of “Greater Luhn Wielder”, which made him look far more impressive than the spirit souls of the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian.


Look at his characteristic talent.

It seemed to be the type with a promising future…

As she was thinking, Su Mumu waved at her and asked,

“Lanlan, are you ready?”


Nolan took a deep breath. “Yes, I’m done.”

“Let’s start now.”

After she finished speaking, Nolan decisively raised the long sword in her hand. Just like when she was fighting Yuwen Tuo, she leaped high and released the sword aura skill called the Battle of Revolution. It bombarded Su Mumu’s body, and at the same time, it spread a transparent energy that swept across the surrounding spirit soul creatures.


Except for Su Mumu, who was chosen as the target, all of the big brother spirit souls had entered the state of being banished from battle.

Immediately after.

Nolan was not in a hurry to use Justice Under the Holy Sword, which could cause suppression effects.

Instead, she released two skills, Sword of Light and Divine Flowing Frost Annihilation.

Then, she stuck in front of Su Mumu and added other small skills, interweaving them with extremely fast normal attacks to crazily reduce her HP.


At the last moment when the banish effect was about to disappear, she jumped up high again and threw Justice Under the Holy Sword, evaporating a large part of Su Mumu’s health bar. At the same time, she was forced into a “suppressed” state for 3 seconds.

This way… When the spirit soul creatures retreated from the “banished” state, Su Mumu, the “master” would not be able to command them to move.

Nolan would have the opportunity to kill Su Mumu’s main body.

Of course.

That was what she thought.

Nolan knew very well.

This kind of detailed operation was useless.

Su Mumu’s spirit soul army was not a puppet creature that relied on her commands to make a living. Their real commander was Little Mumu. If Little Mumu died, the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit would take over, followed by the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian and the Hound Knight… In the end, when Su Mumu was the only one left, it was not her turn to command the spirit soul army.

Whether or not she could control her would not affect the movements of the spirit soul army.

At the same time, Nolan was also very clear.

If she had not killed Su Mumu by the time the spirit soul army exited the ‘banished’ state… She would definitely lose this match.


Those Diamond rank spirit souls would never allow her to touch Su Mumu’s body again after her attributes returned to normal.


‘This final strike of the Justice Holy Sword…’

‘Is my last ripple…’


Skill hit!

Su Mumu entered a state of suppression! Su Mumu’s blood didn’t drop to 30%! Su Mumu wasn’t eliminated either!

The army of spirit souls had recovered from their banishment!

Rejoin the battle!

Nolan’s 1v1 passive had lost its effect!

Her attributes returned to normal!

Oh my!

She nailed it!

With that thought, Evil Omen suddenly approached Nolan and waved the vine sword in his hand as he whispered, ”

“Lady Nolan, I’ve offended you!”

Landing Slash!


The skill hit!

Nolan’s HP evaporated by a large margin!

But she had not lost yet!

At this moment, the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian descended from the sky. The Dragon Bone Hammer in his hand brought with it a dazzling lightning bolt as it smashed into Nolan’s chest, pushing her HP to the brink of death. It triggered the Health Lock Protection Array on the arena and summoned the Health Lock Shield.

Su Mumu won. Nolan lost.

The battle ended.

The audience was speechless.

They were convinced it was another game of insta-killing.

Moreover, almost all of them were expecting Nolan to destroy Su Mumu.

None of them expect this at all.

Su Mumu was actually able to withstand Nolan’s burst of attacks until the spirit soul army recovered from its control state. She then used two skills to instantly kill Nolan.

Could it be that this girl’s HP was a universe level blood cow?

She didn’t die even after eating a few skills?

Ren Yuanxing was a tank-type Class, and he had a Diamond-grade tank set. He even added a few buffs to strengthen his defense… Yet, he was unable to withstand Nolan’s burst of power.

How could a Mage and Summoner like her withstand Nolan’s Blazing Blade?

Everyone was puzzled.

The instructors of Beiqing University were also confused.

But what they were curious about wasn’t why Su Mumu wasn’t killed by Nolan’s combo.

After all, in the previous analysis, these experienced old guys were sure that Su Mumu’s four-dimensional attributes were far beyond ordinary people.

At least 2,000 points.

They were curious as to why Nolan, who had at least 2,000 four-dimensional attributes and could withstand their explosion damage skills, could not withstand the combo of the Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian and the Evil Omen Demonic Spirit.

Could it be…

Her ability was another Mystic level?


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